Wednesday, June 17, 2009

..:: Welcome to my Blog ::..

Salam and Hi to all...

First of all, I nk thanks to u guys yg sudi baca my blog..actually b4 this dah byk kali sign up n buat blog but then ianya jd separuh jalan je...sbbnye mcm2 alasan yg munasabah n x munasabah (xyh la nk disenaraikan kan!)....

Actually, I buat blog bknnye nk glamer or ape2, just wanna share my thought and things happen around in my life, esp my sons Airil n Aisy. Hopefully one day, both of them will read this...haha (lawak plak rase)

Sorry bcoz I tulis campur2...that's me (suka rojak2 kn bahasa, nasib baik la dah lama abis spm)

ok guys..once again WELCOME TO MY BLOG .will see u guys again!!

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