Wednesday, July 22, 2009

..:: Alhamdulillah ::..

Alhamdulillah....Redha sgt2 dgn dugaan yg Allah swt bagi...and bersyukur sgt2 dgn rezeki yg Dia bg. Why??? Actually I really stressed dr hari Ahad lg but I tried to be cool n tak berpikir sgt pasal tuh but mmg dtg gak kt my minds nie...really had a challenged to said, it's regarding my work ... as a consultant sbb keje we all ni mmg all the way byk gumbira ttp kekadang tuh ada la gak challenged yg dtg, tp kalo di kira betul2, mmg ptt ada challenged kdg2 tuh kalo tak, tak best la keje kan..hehe..

nk jadikan cite...I terpaksa keje on that weekend buat some research...sampai pening la that weekend my Ayah dtg, n dia request nk mkn pulut durian. So I panggil la seme adik beradik yg ada, mai makan ramai2...mmg pulun la mkn durian hari tuh...samapai satu bdn dah panas...

Monday...alhamdulillah I dapat buat yg terbaik n got good feedback from my client...insyaallah, something good come in...syukur for that...wpun sebenarnya I on that day mmg nervous n tak lalu langsing nk mkn...biasa la kena pressured sikit pun dah kelam kabut kan...mental warrior!!

Tuesday!!! was a really good day for me n some challenged with my last released gak i nye perasaan kt dia...we all plan tak nak g keje sbb I,hubby n sons went to the clinic n get some client sms I ajak pi umah dia...dia free since takde keje nk buat I pun pi la lepak kt umah dia...lama tuh dr kul 3 sampai kul 6..tu pun kalo bleh nk borak lg...This lady ni mmg charming....and I really admired her spirit towards life...I want to be like her...I want to a Millionaire like her...Yesssss I can!!!! The things is I mmg suka chit chat ngan dia....byk mende I bleh blaja dr dia....and you guys know...rezeki I mmg murah,rezeki anak2 I...thank you Allah swt...bygkan lepak2 je rezeki dtg menggolek, I just closed cash case with her..and the figure is quite good...oohhh thank you Allah!!!!Alhamdulillah rezeki anak2 untuk raya...


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