Wednesday, August 5, 2009

..:: Birthstone ::..

According to zodiac...aku kena pakai this stone...carnelian....
Carnelian ranges from bright to reddish orange. The name is most commonly believed to be derived from the Latin carne, meaning flesh. Others attribute the name to the Latin cor, meaning heart. It is thought to control anger, jealousy and hateful feelings. In the 1700's it was reputed to bring luck, protection and comfort.....hopefully all these positive will brings more luck n vibration to me!

as for month plak...dorg kata sapphire yg sesuai....

Sapphire is the birthstone of September & the anniversary gemstone for the 5th and 45th years of marriage.Sapphire - gem of the heavens, or the divine gemstone, has been cherished for thousands of years. The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection colored the sky. Sapphire is found in all colors: from midnight blue to the bright blue of the noon sky, from a golden sunrise to reddish-orange, and the delicate violet of twilight. The most famous and valuable sapphires are a truly royal blue. History & RomanceSapphire symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness, and is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. When Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a sapphire engagement ring, couples all over the world were inspired to revive this ancient tradition.

So...yg mane best actually??? yg bleh bg more vibration to me...uols rase which one????

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  1. Sekali pandang macam buah rambutan lak.. hehe



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